The Yintai Office Tower is located in the west wing of Beijing Yintai Centre, which features various entry points accessible from the site's perimeter streets and the Subway Line 1 and Line 10. The underpass corridors link the Beijing Yintai Centre with other main business complexes in the CBD core area. It is convenient to reach the main destinations in the CBD area without walking aboveground.


An exclusive passage links Yintai Office Tower with Park Hyatt Beijing and Luxury Shopping Mall. Thanks to the passage, the clients and visitors of Yintai Office Tower have an easier access to the facilities of the Park Hyatt Beijing and Luxury Shopping Mall, including the meeting rooms, health spa, indoor swimming pool, bar, specialty restaurants and rooftop garden bar. All these excellent assets fulfill various requirements from business people efficiently, such as working, daily life, entertainment, shopping requirement. At the same time, the environment and order of business is ensured, since Yintai Office Tower has independent entrance from the street.


The Yintai Office Tower was awarded the title of "the Most Valuable Landmark Building Specified by Multinational Companies". To date, corporations like Fortune 500 companies, strong financial institutions, well-known law firms from Europe and the US as well as some international and domestic enterprises have successively settled in the tower.

Phone:(86-10)6566 1022     6567 1508         Fax: (86-10)6566 6771
  • 12-metre High Double Level
    Lobby with Loop Corridor
  • Column-free Open-plan Basis Office Space
  • Variable Air Volume (VAV)
    Air-conditioning System
  • 15cm Raised Flooring System
  • Unitized Curtain Wall System
  • Humanized Office Environment
Project name Yintai Office Tower
Developer Beijing Yintai Property Co., Ltd.
Land Area 31,305 square meters
Total Gross Floor Area 75,000 square meters | Gross area of the Beijing Yintai Centre is 349,998 square meters.
Efficiency  70%
Building Height  The height of Yintai Office Tower is 186 meters with 52 floors above ground.
Height of Office Floor 4-meter floor to ceiling height; 2.7-meter net height of office floor, (exclusive of the height of raised floor)
Structure Reinforced concrete tube-in-tube structure, column-free and open-plan office space
Standard Floor Space About 2,101.6 square meters (gross area)
Minimum size About 250 square meters
Load-bearing capacity Office area: 2.0KN/sq.m. | Machine room: 5.0KN/ sq.m.
Office Lobby Height 12 meters
Anti-seismic Coefficient 8 degree
Functions   Floor No.| Function
· Basement 3-4   Intelligent parking lot with around 1,600 parking spaces  
· LG-L2   Lobby  
· L3-52   For office use  
· M1, M2   Equipment Floor  
Elevator system   Brand | Quantity | Speed
· Brand U.S. imported OTIS high-speed double-deck passenger elevator 
· Quantity 12 imported OTIS high-speed double-deck passenger elevators; 2 imported OTIS elevators for Fire & Service(B4-L42); 
   2 shuttle elevators between garage and lobby; 4 escalators provided for passengers 
· Elevator speed Low-Zone Elevators: 3.5m/s, High-Zone Elevators: 6m/s, Fire & Service Lifts:3.5m/s, Car Park Shuttle Elevators: 1.75m/s 
Air-conditioning system   System | Air volume
· Type   All-air system, variable air volume (VAV) system  
· Fresh air volume   36m³/person/hour  
Power supply   Capacity | voltage
· Total electric capacity   7,200 KVA  
· Variable power supply   Dual electrical power supply  
· Voltage Supply   220V,380V  
· Back up Generator   Wilson generator imported from UK with a capacity of 1500KVA  
· Electricity for lighting   500 lux/sq.m.  
Communication System   System | Support
· Main Communication System   4000 outside direct telephone lines (including extensions) which support multi-mode optical fibers for voice and data transmission;  
    3 large-logarithm cables for voice transmission and multi-mode optical fibers for data transmission; reserved space for customers to add multi-pair cables;  
· Mobile Communications Support   Communication service is seamless, including mobile services.  
· Wired & Satellite TV System   24 overseas and cable TV programs including CNN, BBC can be provided at the Tenant's cost  
    (Programs are subject to change by government policy without prior notice).  



Savills Property Services (Beijing) Co. Ltd. provides specialized property management services to Yintai Office Tower. Savills commits to enhancing capital value and providing value for services through proficient building and tenancy management services, ensuring the highest standard of managerial service in Yintai Office Tower across the board.


Property management services of Savills include:

· Guaranteed daily operation of facilities and other service systems in the office tower;

· Keeping public area in good condition, including the lobby, exits and entrances, lift lobby, stair, exterior wall and toilets;

· Ensuring the safety of the office Tower and maintaining public order;

· Handling tenants' complaints and enquiries regarding management of the office tower;

· Contacting and coordinating with related departments of the government;

· Improving the environment of the office tower, such as interior greenery all year round and appropriate festive decorations;

· Developing and improving value-added services using a high-tech consultancy platform;

· Keeping effective communication with tenants and paying regular visits to inquire about their needs for the improvement of service quality.


Savills have offered expertise training to its staffs. To receive the assistance of the managerial staff (or to inquire about management of the office building), please feel free to contact Savills.

Tel: (86-10) 8517 2288

Location: L3, Yintai Office Tower